6 tips for picking the best garage door installation company

Having a garage as a homeowner is a luxury that most people really and truly enjoy. It provides shelter to cover and protect your vehicle. It provides security when you enter your house plus the garage is a great place for dad to hide and tinker on lawn equipment. Having this space is a real opportunity to add value to your home and add value to your life.

So how do I find the best company for garage door repair or installation near me?

Maintaining proper function of the garage door is critical and can be tricky if not done correctly. It can also be pretty tough to pick from all the companies that offer garage door services.

Let’s tackle a quick 6 tips for picking garage door companies and offer some maintenance tips to get you on the fast track to total garage zen.

Getting a garage door installed can be tricky if not done by a professional. The tension settings of the torsion spring are difficult to fine tune--the sensors have to communicate properly--and if the door is in any way crooked or misaligned you can end up doing major damage to your house! So how do you pick the proper installer? Here are some things to consider when choosing a qualified garage door installer.

1. How is their reputation for garage door repair and installation?

Today many business’ have direct customer reviews about the company. These can be posted by happy or unhappy customers. Websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp give a platform for any consumer to post honest experiences with any company. Make sure the reviews are honest and not fake looking. Good or Bad, real reviews will always be more descriptive about their garage door repair experience than “favor reviews” by the service companies friends and family.

2. Does the garage door company have an actual local service range?

Being able to meet and work with someone local to your community will give you an idea of how the company functions and their direct level of customer service. This can be a good indicator of how they will treat your garage door install. Is your service provider extra careful because they might bump into you at the grocery store? - They should be!

3. Are they garage door and BBB accredited? How long?

There are organizations like the International Door Association or the Better Business Bureau that are designed to legitimize the level of professional work any garage door repair company or installer has done. If any company hasn't taken the time to register with these organizations then they may or may not operate on level of professionalism that you want.Also find out how long they’ve been in business. New companies can be great at garage door repair too. And more competitive in price. Older more successful companies will have ages of combined experience but you may end up paying a premium. You’ll no doubt be looking for great service at acceptable prices so don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes and then chose the best option for you and your garage.

4. Do they offer garage door maintenance and 24/7 emergency service?

What happens if you need to leave your house and your garage door won't open? If it was after business hours would this company be there to help? Most people only think about their doors when it becomes a problem. Though these are fairly simple machines, they get worn and break down over time and use. Regular routine garage door maintenance will keep your garage door working well and prolong the life of components. Let’s face it, garage door springs break or garage door chains break at the worst possible times. 24 hour emergency garage repair service may never be needed, but this could be a lifesaver if there was ever any problems. A good garage door installer will usually be capable of the lifelong maintenance needed. Make sure to ask your garage door company if they offer these.

5. Do they have insurance and a guarantee?

Any licensed garage door repair company or installer should have some form of liability insurance coverage and be prepared to furnish it when requested. Your garage door parts and components may have some type of warranty against manufacturer defects in quality but does the company offer a guarantee of the quality of their work. Good companies stand behind their work.

6. Will they give you a free garage door repair or installation quote?

If they can't give you a clear estimate of the jobs cost-it's probably not a good idea to work with them. You should also ask for three different quotes showing the range of options you can be offered. This will also help you understand exactly what you are being charged for and find a company that you want to try.

Garage door maintenance crash course - so you know what the service technician is talking about!

There are a few basic parts to most garage door opening systems for most homes. For the major components there’s the door, tracks that the door rolls on, motorhead that pulls the belt or chain on the motor rail, springs or the torsion bar that lifts the door and the “hockey stick” that connects the door to the belt/chain.

There are sensors at the bottom of the door opening that are for safety. An emergency release lever, and a locking mechanism that can be closed manually. Then of course there is the button, switch or remote that you press to open and close the door.

Usually the largest moving parts of any house, garage doors sometimes have maintenance issues from the wear and tear of daily use. Garage doors are commonly opened 3-5 times a day. Over a years time you might open and close your garage door over 2000 times! This type usage will almost always result in some type of maintenance or repair situation.

Worn out garage door seals

Common problems range from simple situations like a worn out seal on the bottom of the door allowing water or debris inside your garage -to something as more difficult as the door coming off the track or a hinge breaking.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Another common issue is that often the life of the torsion spring gets exhausted. They break and put undue stress and weight on the garage door motor. If you don’t notice, the broken spring it can cause your motor to fail and now the repair isn’t so simple. There are some things that can affect the life of the torsion spring.

Weather- the constant expanding and compression of the steel from the changes of temperatures during the seasons can be harsh on a tightly wound compressed steel springs. Rust -causes friction on the torsion spring and also corrodes the steel itself. Wear and tear- the expanding and compressing of the torsion spring will eventually wear it out as the material becomes more brittle.

Neglected garage door tracks and wheels

The last thing that goes commonly unmaintained are the garage door tracks and garage door wheels. If a track dries out, it can lead to wheel failure, which can lead to derailment and total system failure. It’s a more long-term breakdown caused by something simple that could have been easily maintained and avoided. Maintaining the garage door system is very important. Having qualified service is just as important. If installed correctly and maintained yearly, a garage door system should operate without problems for approximately 10 years.

If you would like a garage door repair or installation quote for either residential garage doors or commercial, we offer free estimates.