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Loading docks are the gateway to getting all products and goods to all places worldwide.The one common thread to all business’ that have stock in warehouses is that they all have to be picked up and delivered smoothly. Having a proper loading dock is crucial to making your shipping and receiving department run properly. Many warehouse facilities stay active with so many shipments that sometimes the dock itself takes a good amount of wear and tear. The time it can take away from properly loading and unloading of freight for your company can mean lost time and money for your company. Here are some things you need to make sure are correct on your loading dock.

The loading dock itself is of pretty simple construction. The main parts to any dock are the driveway, the pit wall, the loading dock floor,bumpers, the ramp and the lip of the ramp. The driveway leads to the pit wall where the trailer is backed into. The bumpers are what protects the trailer from hitting the concrete wall as it backs down this driveway. These loading dock bumpers, usually comprised of a recycled rubber of some sort, are the only line of defense between truck and the concrete pit wall.

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Axis Garage Doors knows that these loading dock bumpers can get worn out over time and usage. Repair and replacement of these bumpers is big part of making your loading dock function properly and last longer. With different sizes and variety of materials Axis will make sure that your bumpers are a perfect fit for your sized operation.

The other main component to any properly functioning loading dock is the the leveler. The loading dock leveler is comprised of three main parts. The deck, which is the main plate of the leveler, the Lip, generally thinner strip of deck and on a hinge, and an activation system to raise and lower the level of the deck. This allows whatever type of unloading equipment or personnel to transition from the concrete warehouse floor to the inside of the trailer. Most major shipping and receiving loading docks use forklifts or pallet jacks to move shipments around the warehouse, so having a sturdy functioning loading dock leveler is key to maintaining a safe productive work environment.

Axis garage door repair is experienced in replacement and repair of all the parts necessary to maintain a proper functioning shipping and receiving department. The loading dock leveler and bumpers are the some of the hardest working parts in your warehouse.These parts make your company thrive and require the proper attention to keep things running smoothly.

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