We specialize in repairing and replacing overhead garage doors.

Over the years, your garage door takes a beating. Cables and tension springs can break under the repeated stress of moving that heavy weight. Its important to have your overhead garage door inspected by a professional.

Residential Garage Door

Residential Garage Door

Residential Garage Door

Here are the 3 Most Common Issues:

1. The track is not aligned properly, and the door isn’t moving at all.
A garage door runs on a metal track that needs to be aligned correctly for your door to move. If the track is out of alignment, then you have a problem. You know when your door is not on track if you see bends in the rails, or gaps between the rollers and rails. Now, if the track is misaligned and the door doesn’t move at all, leave this problem to the garage door repair professionals. They have the necessary equipment to safely realign and repair your garage door. They can also install a new track for you if the misalignment is beyond repair.

2. Broken torsion springs
If all of a sudden your door won’t  open, and you’re sure that the transmitters are working fine and that power is getting to the motor, then you may have a spring problem. Working with broken springs can be very dangerous. In case of a broken spring problem, don’t try to open your door until the garage door repair professionals have shown up to inspect it and replace the broken springs.

3. Broken tension springs and cables
The garage door closing really fast and with a loud bang when it hits the ground is a sign that the tension springs and cables are broken. Tension springs and cables help to slowly and safely lower your door while closing it. And if they are broken, there’s nothing that might be preventing the door from crushing something that might be beneath it. That said, replacing the broken lift cables or springs are jobs best left to garage door repair professionals, because an accidental release of a spring under tension can cause serious injuries.

Whether it’s garage door repair or replacement services that you need, Axis Garage Doors have all the expertise necessary to get the job done well. They repair and replace all garage door parts including springs, openers, cables, and panels. Don’t wait until your problem gets worse.